Mar 122016

SD37: John Moorlach is re-elected by acclamation as Don Wagner did not file (I call it acclamation because the democrat that filed does not count). With that – the RightonDaily OC Blog stands down and congratulates Senator Moorlach.

AD55: Phillip Chen, Steve Tye and Mike Spence headline the field in AD55.

I like Phillip Chen a lot, I helped him two years ago and it appears that he has either made a deal or has become the chosen candidate of Team Huff. Chen is dynamic, young and is a great face for the Republican Party.

Chen is a man of faith with a law enforcement background. Some whiners are making an issue of photos of him “in uniform” – I’d be more concerned about the photos of Chen doing dead-lift sets of 275.

The optics of Phillip Chen versus Steve Tye and Mike Spence will be significant.

I like Steve Tye a lot. He is a good man, a man of excellent character. I have seen the opposition research on Mr. Tye that indicates that he is less than perfect on some fiscal issues as a councilmember. Every council member alive can be caught on something.

The knock on Tye has always been “viability”. Whatever. He is getting his fair share of endorsements and will have the resources he needs to compete

Amazingly enough, I also like Mike Spence. Spence is the right-winger of this campaign. I have no doubt whatsoever that either of his opponents will be able to compete with his conservative bona-fides.

Spence just announced McClintock’s endorsement and I am sure Moorlach, Donnelly, DeVore, etc. will follow. The issue for Spence will be can he diversify his base of support.

AD68: DUI Debbie, Steven Choi and Harry Sidhu

I really don’t need to elaborate on the train wreck known as Deborah Pauly. She filed. I am not sure why. I think maybe she wants pity for the Porsche she wrapped around a telephone pole.

Steven Choi – everything I have read about him is that he is a tax-raising liberal.

Harry Sidhu – it appears that the OC bloggers hate this guy, but in talking to people that know him it appears that his biggest flaws were running for OC Supe against the Iconic Shawn Nelson and carpetbagging into one or two other races. Neither seem to have anything to do with issues and what Harry would do if elected.

People that know Harry well speak highly of his character.

AD74: It appears that Katherine Daigle has filed against Matthew Harper Again. Does Mr. Harper have any money in his account? Will he raise any? Does he need any? I like Harper and always have. I don’t care who Daigle is, I am endorsing Harper.

Lake Forest – apparently the OCGOP has engaged in the Lake Forest City Council Caper against the neurotic Adam Nick and his attempt to gut that council. I am watching that from afar to see what ends up happening. In this case, I do agree with the incumbent protection plan because the incumbents have done something to deserve the support they have been given.


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