Jun 232016

I had a look at some elections returns. It looks like the AD68 race is set in stone. It also looks like Stephen Choi has welcomed Don Wagner in to the Irvine Mayor’s race as the political soap opera unfolds.

IMG_3964As I was musing about the absolute train wreck that Tim Clark has been for the Donald Trump Campaign and the circumstances that led to his ouster, I need to lay out a few details.

I really hate hearing stories that men who are getting a large paycheck to do a job, (namely Clark) care more about camera time than doing said job. I’ve hammered him to oblivion over his #EPICFAIL on the delegation list as he tried to control everything and in the end waited until the last minute leading to a national media disaster.

But, it happened again. Clark’s life pattern re-emerged as the alternates list was also not done until the very last minute and several people who were not getting paid had to be called in to do Clark’s job. This is infuriating.

Well Clark has paid dearly. As documented here on Right on Daily OC, Tim Clark lost both his retainer with the Trump organization and is not on the dance card for Senator Moorlach anymore.

It appears that Tim Clark’s pattern of detail management has gotten to him again. His Facebook has not been updated in about three months, and his LinkedIn? well look for yourself.

For those of you that may have missed it – Clark’s LinkedIn still shows him as Moorlach’s Chief of Staff. Now, is the State Website wrong, or is Clark once again not managing the details? He may still be the State Director for Trump – and if so, he is both not getting paid and is a another national media story waiting to happen.

The bottom line? Tim Clark ripped Donald Trump off. He did not do his job, rather, it appears from where I am sitting that Mr. Clark spent his time doing media interviews to promote himself rather than attempting to build any sort of a functional organization in California. He certainly screwed up the delegation list so bad, that story will be told for years.

I did hear that Adam Nick was looking for a consultant. Maybe Tim Clark can go rip him off, they’d be an ideal match.

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