Aug 012016

I received the following email from Baron Knight. (It was signed by someone different – but those behind the Orange Curtain will recognize the style)

I AM NOT A MEMBER of your organizaiton and have no plans to join. My career/ work takes me out of town all the time and have no energy for meetings etc.Instead of socializing too much, believe I can I help our party more by contributing money and talking face to face to people and educate their limited knowledge of what is really going o politically in this country. It is a shame, no one has the time to read or listen.I believe in talking more with people and tell them the real issues and perhaps we will defeat the opposition. who are spreading so much hatred all over the country. I have never seen anything like this since I arrived on American shores at aged 18!! IF people made God the center of their lives we would not  be in this mess. So everyday I pray for the unity of our Republican party and its members.

Please note, I did not edit the email. It appears that the senders have found a home (residential care or otherwise) in another dying GOP group.

Those of us interested in getting out of the same old straight-jacket long ago realized that rallies, meetings and overpasses accomplish nothing – so in that regard the email was correct.

Hopefully, the authors will be out walking precincts. I know I will be.

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