Aug 132016

FullSizeRenderThe California Impact Republicans are very real. We are recruiting new blood, not just former CRA Members tired of the debating society.

Here you have a real picture of real people – some of whom came 400+ miles to attend. We had a board meeting and a general membership event. The CIR has two active chapters in Orange County with a third coming.

AS you may or may not be aware – the LAGOP recognized the South Bay Impact Republicans recently, giving us our first county charter.

I would like to thank Tim Whitacre and Mike Munzing for showing up to rep the OCGOP at our meeting. Tim shared with me some encouraging news about a seed change in the direction of the OCGOP back to grinding out voter registration and grassroots.

I have been witheringly critical of the “Cocktail Party” and “Self-Preservation” culture that has taken over the OCGOP where local electeds participate with self-interest in mind first. Still other participate to social climb – hence the “Cocktail Party” reference.

In Placer County – we have a whopping 330,000 people county-wide, less than Anaheim or Santa Ana by themselves. It is a lot more simple, we have to get the work done with no time to preen for the camera. My sincere hope is that the protect-incumbents at all cost mentality gets discarded with an expectation of people in office being expected to work as much as the activists. I am also hopeful that a good dose of losing has shocked the do nothings in to action.

Lastly, I am hoping that the new Central Committee is willing to do some controversial things to show leadership. Things that may involve risk of loss in order to advance the cause – that action alone may reverse the disastrous slide of the last 20 years.

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