May 122017

I had a very hard time coming over to Donald Trump.

The biggest issue I had were his early supporters, many of whom I saw as fringe wackos, malcontents and otherwise people out of the mainstream. There were exceptions as some long time political allies (and friends) of mine were with Trump from the start.

However, Ann Coulter, Paul Joseph Watson and others whose existence is in an esoteric part of the universe they call their own were the early sirens of Make America Great Again. Mike Cernovich, Milo and others were people I’d never heard of before until the national media started focusing on them to marginalize Donald Trump. Now they are all re-marginalizing themselves a mere 3.5 months after Trump was sworn in.

In the campaign of 2016, one by one these folks were being proven right for supporting Trump and true about their conspiracy theories as a result of events, the behavior of John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and others on the campaign trail, the revelations of Wikileaks that provided a window in to the inner workings of the Dems, Obama’s temper tantrum in his waning days in office just to muck things up and of course the Russia did it gas-lighting operation created by President Obama weaponizing the intelligence services and using them against Trump and his team.

I’ve written ad naseum about the fake news and the rigged polls being done by the national media establishment. I knew Trump was going to win as I was eviscerating polling samples daily.

Donald Trump knew what to do in order to take center stage. He became a voice for everyone’s anger (even many that voted for Hillary Clinton, by the way) and parlayed that in to successful run for President. People focused on Trump’s bombast while ignoring what was happening strategically.

Trump was outspent 2-1. 90+% of all media about him was negative. Trump beat 16 GOP Contenders. Some in the GOP establishment recruited a Judas Goat, Evan McMuffin to try and steal Utah, Wyoming and Idaho from Trump. Even today, humiliated candidate John Kasich is trying to raise money in the waning days of his governorship so he can run against Trump in 2020, while sending endless emails criticizing Trump at every chance.

The critics that irritate me the most are not the National Media (who I call whores for the left), the #Triggered Democrats who are committing ritual suicide hellbent to “get trump”, and not even the Jeb Bush / John Kasich isolated fringe of the establishment. The critics that irritate me the most are the “Chicken Little” Malcontents that were key early supporters of Trump who have been screeching every time trump deviates slightly from the path they think he should take in order to govern.

I’ve coined a term for them – wrist slashers.

They cut their wrists in a virtual form of political suicide without pausing to wait for the other shoe to drop. I’ve become a complete Donald Trump sycophant not because I agree with everything he does, but because he is willful, deliberate and is one of the most effective leaders I’ve ever seen.

I’ve written ad-naseum about what Trump has accomplished in such a short time in office, but I want to focus on a few items directly for the benefit of the wrist-slashers (as this is the proof of Trump’s amazing effectiveness):

  1. Trump shot 59 Tomahawk Missiles at Syria because of a chemical weapon attack on a hospital. The screeching wrist-slashers claimed Ivanka Trump talked her dad in to doing it, others like Coulter and Watson went in to a meltdown claiming Trump had been sucked in by the NWO Globalists. The Media and Democrats were in a state of confusion offering grudging praise. The Result? Iran, Turkey and Russia are now setting up safe zones in Syria. Refugee Crisis Solved. Assad Problem Solved. Screeching anti war sirens silenced as the same 1,000 Americans there before are still there now, no more, no less.
  2. Trump sent a fleet to North Korea and Anti Missile defense systems to South Korea in response to the little fatso trying to launch ballistic missiles. The American Media responded by gleefully reporting that the fleet was somewhere else as their desire to “Get Trump” caused them to undermine Trump’s strategy. Despite the best attempts of the media and the screeching sirens who were once again cutting their wrists in a paranoid World War III fantasy, there is no war and the Chinese and Russians now look poised to take out the trash in North Korea. Despite the withering criticism, the Chinese started negotiating with the US immediately due to Donald Trump’s very real leadership and putting everything on the table, including trade.
  3. The hard right freaked out over the spending bill. They claimed that: A) it funded planned parenthood, B) it did not fund the wall and C) it lacked the spending cuts of the proposed budget. They would have rather had a government “shutdown” now at a time when it would not play out well. The reality? There is a $1.5 Billion down payment on the wall and this “spending bill” is the first time in 50 years that the federal government has not increased overall spending in any bill.
  4. The AHCA. You’d swear that the RINO’s won everything. It was a $1 Trillion Tax Cut and it de-funded Planned Parenthood to the tune of 86%.

When the facts are aggregated, the flaky, malcontented (as in never satisfied) fringe early Trump supporters are showing their real colors. They don’t know how to govern. They don’t understand governance and are unable to digest facts, patterns of strategy.

You’d think that SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch would be enough? Betsy DeVos gutting Common Core? Illegal Immigration down 60+%, deportations up 35%? Real support for law enforcement? Real investigations and accountability at the VA? Going after Presidential Land Grabs? Pipelines? 15000 more Ice Agents? Overturning industry destroying regulations by the dozen?

Donald Trump continues to lead. The question to the wrist-slashers is this: If you keep cutting your wrists (figuratively) every time something goes wrong in your mind, will anyone pay attention to you and will you be able to make any difference when the left finally regroups?

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