Jan 182018

The source of this letter asked for anonymity due to their fears of being retaliated against similar to Chad Bianco. It is clear in the rank and file that unless you are on bended knee in front of the Sheriff, you are wearing a target.

Over the past two-decades social media has changed the way we communicate with one another.  The various communication platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook continue to be used not only by citizens, but law enforcement agencies throughout the nation, including the Sheriff’s Department.  Social media can have both a positive and negative influence on one’s career.   Specifically, Facebook affords a way for people to communicate with friends, co-workers and family. Facebook is used by our Department to inform the communities we serve on crime prevention programs, significant arrests and community events.

Caution, the Sheriff Department has made it clear there should be no nexus on an employee’s personal Facebook account and the Department.  A profile photograph of you in uniform or listing the Sheriff’s Department as your employer creates that nexus.  Thus, from Administration’s perspective any perceived negative, or criticizing comment posted on your personal Facebook account could be viewed as a violation of General Orders.  Therefore, you could be subject to a personnel investigation and potentially disciplined.

The Department is without a doubt monitoring many of our employees Facebook accounts for such a nexus.  I arrived at this conclusion based on a number of co-workers describing how a supervisor admonished them about a criticizing post or an election related comment.  Also, sergeants, lieutenants and the captain warned us to delete any reference to being employed by the Department on Facebook at numerous briefings.

Based on comments by peers and their counseling experience, it my opinion that Department resources are being inappropriately used to monitor personal Facebook accounts with to goal of identifying employees who post criticizing comments about the Department, or expressed support for Lt. Chad Bianco.The reality is we are in an election cycle and I have opined the monitoring of personal Facebook accounts appears to be for the sole purpose of identifying Lt. Chad Bianco supporters and intimidating them. If you were on the Department four years ago, then you might recall the perceived retaliation after the election cycle, such as unwanted transfers and hopefully understand what I am talking about. 

To avoid a negative experience for exercising your right to free speech afforded under the Constitution of the United States, remove any nexus identifying your employer.  Replace your photograph with one where you are not wearing a uniform.  List your occupation as, “Law Enforcement,” “Peace Officer” or “Public Servant.” Do not use Riverside County on any posts. Set your settings to private to allow only family and friends to read your honest posts without fear of retaliation.  Do not post comments from a county computer or while on-duty.  Take the necessary steps to protect yourself, protect your rights and don’t be subject to any form of intimidation.

Chad Bianco challenged Stan Sniff in 2014 and has been on the receiving end of retaliation ever since. Others that supported Bianco then have also had their careers affected. There is more to this series coming. If you have been retaliated against by this Sheriff, we want to hear from you. Comments are moderated and do not display publicly – let us know what happened to you, you can remain anonymous and we will delete the comment rather than display it. We are also on Facebook and you can message us there as well.

Jan 162018

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a mystery groupie.

She is in the foreground of this photo.

Our expose’ on Sheriff Stan Sniff has focused on his traditionally poor choices and bad judgement. Our concerns are quite simple.

As it pertains to the mystery woman who has multiple photos of the Sheriff on her facebook page, who is she, why is she so close to the sheriff when his wife is usually separated by a significant space in photos?

What is the nature of their relationship?

Another character is in this photo. His name is Ali Mazarei. Mohammad Ali Mazarei (his new legal name as of a few years ago) is a member of the Riverside County Republican Central Committee. I wonder if his fellow Riverside GOP Committee-members know he is under a license revocation and potential felony investigation for fraud.

I see Mazarei on facebook, a lot. Ali Mazarei is a local political activist who wants to be at the cool kids table in Riverside County.

Mazarei owns an AM/PM franchise with a Travel Plaza and auto repair. (He also owns several other businesses)

Mazarei ended up on my radar screen after I was sent the following meme by one of his “fans”:

Why would someone make such a meme about Ali Mazarei?

The other allegation we are leveling here is that Mazarei received special treatment for a CCW Permit in Riverside County. Did he have to wait two+ years like most people? We’ve been told that his financial largess moved him to the front of the line.

Mazarei is also known for posing for photos with a variety of weapons. Some of his photos look downright scary.

So here we have a nexus of two very mystery Stan Sniff supporters.

But wait, there is more.

Mazrei has written Stan Sniff checks totaling $40,500. (Not) coincidentally, he is one of the just over 2000 CCW permit holders in Riverside County. (A county of 2.4 Million people)

Does Sniff know that Mazarei has a checkered business record? Are there more issues out there?

Ali Mazaeri is named in the document and his business is accused in this complaint filed by The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (featuring Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s letterhead) of Dishonesty, Fraud and Deceit. If you read the complaint, you will see that Mr. Mazarei got stung for making bogus smog checks. (They reference 15(!) instances) We were sent photos of his shop recently that indicate that the auto repair garage parts are shut down. It is clear that Xavier Becerra may take a break from filing frivolous lawsuits to nail a wanna-be Republican kingmaker to the wall.

If you take the time to read the complaint, he (Mazarei) got caught lying multiple times over the course of several days – again 15 references to rigged smog checks in the complaint.

When one is running for a top law enforcement position, fraud complaints / prosecutions against top donors become an issue in your campaign.

So, the Sheriff has a public problem as a major donor of $40,500 who has had events for him at his house, is subject to administrative action for 15 instances of Smog Check Fraud, has a suspended license and may well be subject to a felony prosecution. 

So now we have Ali Mazarei in the middle of serious legal trouble, chummy with the Sheriff, cigar in hand with the mystery woman in the photo. What a team the Sheriff has assembled!

Let’s add a few more photos (beyond the five in the first post about the mystery woman) to the mix.

Ask yourself – is this the look of friends? Is this what you’d expect from a candidate and a donor? A candidate and a volunteer? Or does this look like an indicator of a physical relationship? If this is “OK” then ask yourself about the judgement of the Sheriff in this toxic environment of sexual harassment claims for far less, If I was in office, I’d have photos like these with my wife only. Any photo with another woman would look different.

It sure makes you wonder what is going on down in Riverside County with the Sheriff.

If anyone reading has any information about the nature of the relationship of the sheriff and the mystery woman, please reach out to us as you can remain anonymous. Please be prepared to provide documentation, photos and/or videos to back up anything you share.

If anyone has any information about the Ali Mazarei CCW permit caper including info on how fast it was issued, please reach out to us as you can remain anonymous. Given that Mazarei is in serious legal trouble, the overriding issues here become a direct impact on the re-election of Sheriff Sniff. Given that Sheriff Sniff is in a near panic over his fading re-election chances, we 100% understand the need to protect people from retaliation.

Embedded in this post, you can see here a graphic of all the donations between Mazarei and Sniff. It is clear they are close politically.

Ask some obvious questions here, what does it look like regarding Mr. Mazarei’s CCW Permit? Does it look ethical? Moral? Appropriate?

Will Stan Sniff return the dirty money from Ali Mazarei? How does a sitting Sheriff look anyone in the eye knowing that a top 5 donor of his is a fraudster? If Sheriff Sniff has any integrity, he will return the $40,500 to Ali Mazarei immediately. 

What does the Riverside GOP do, knowing that an elected member is being rung up for fraud after being implicated in a sting by the California B.A.R.?

P.S. Given that Mazarei is under civil/legal action related to dishonest and fraudulent auto repair operations, I wonder if ICE is going to raid his AM/PM like they did 7-11? Just asking as you can’t donate to ICE like you can a sheriff…

Jan 152018

When you are out of creative ideas and your ego is personally bruised, you send emails demanding your opponent drop out of the race. When you have excellent ideas, energy and resources, you respond with stuff like this.

Travis Allen will probably be better served going back to blocking people on social media.

Worse, he may need to tell his crew that the illuminati did not make up my screenshot of being blocked. (It is going to be an entertaining 5 months for sure…)

Now back to the order of the day:

(The issue is – what happened to the money…)

Request for Autopsy Report

Office of the Political Coroner 

January 14, 2018

To whom it may concern,

On January 8, 2018, the Join Travis Allen to Repeal the Gas Tax Ballot Measure Committee passed away of lethal lack of momentum in Huntington Beach, California as noted in the obituary published two days ago.

At yesterday’s USC gubernatorial debate, Travis Allen remarkably criticized Mr. John Cox for contributing $250,000 into the real effort to repeal the gas tax, while Travis Allen only siphoned $87,188 out of donors and didn’t submit a single signature by the January 8, 2018 deadline.

The purpose of this letter is to formally request the official autopsy report. As you know, these reports are essential in the completion of a thorough and accurate cause of death investigation and confirm there was no foul play.

In comments to the The San Jose Mercury News, Travis Allen promised to give the money collected to the real campaign led by a coalition including John Cox, Carl DeMaio and several others. While the chance of that occurring may be zero, voters request to know how Travis Allen spent that money, how much is left, how many signatures were ever collected and when it will be transferred to the successful effort to repeal the gas tax.

Just nine days before Travis Allen failed to submit a single signature he sent out the following  misleading fundraising email:

Voters deserve to know the truth and donors deserve to know what Travis Allen did with their money.

For reference, death certificates can be found here:
U.S. News and World Report: California Gas-Tax Initiative Fails but Another Gains Steam
The Sacramento Bee:Gas tax repeal appears headed for failure – but voters may get another shot
The San Jose Mercury News:Gas tax repeal sponsored by Assemblyman Travis Allen fails to qualify, but another effort could reach the ballot
The Los Angeles Times:Assemblyman Travis Allen fails to qualify initiative to repeal gas tax, will support campaign for similar measure
The Daily Democrat:Effort to repeal gas tax runs out of steam
The Miami Herald:California gas-tax initiative fails but another gains steam
The Seattle Times: California gas-tax initiative fails but another gains steam
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: California gas-tax initiative fails but another gains steam
KQED: California Gas Tax Initiative Fails but Another Gains Steam
CBS 8: California gas-tax initiative fails but another gains steam
Fox 40:California Gas-Tax Initiative Fails but Another Gains Steam
The San Mateo Daily Journal: California gas-tax initiative fails but another gains steam
The Porterville Recorder:California gas-tax initiative fails but another gains steam

Man, it sucks to be Travis Allen.

Jan 132018

James Bond said it best, when you want revenge, you’d better dig that second grave. Stan Sniff’s buddies (what few there are) in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department went to Sal Rodriguez, a willing cop-hating SJW to get him to write a hit piece on the Riverside Sheriff Association’s leadership. Wouldn’t you know that Sal Rodriguez has his own “issues”.

Like any member of the fake news, Mr. Rodriguez ran face first in to the wall of truth. Then, an assistant DA from Los Angeles County took him out behind the woodshed.

Opinions Aren’t Facts – by Michele Hanisee:

The critical feature of an op/ed is that it is opinion and commentary rather than investigative journalism.  As the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once observed, everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.  In a recent foray, columnist Sal Rodriguez mixed “facts” in with personal attacks to argue that criminal justice “reforms” are working.  Rodriguez first contended that crime is lower than in 2006 when the prison population was at its highest point.  Of course, the alternate takeaway is that imprisoning repeat offenders for a lengthy period leads to the crime rate falling.  As we covered in our last blog, the facts show that decreases in imprisonment based upon the criminal justice reforms” of AB 109 and Prop 47, have been followed by rising violent crime rates and rising property crime rates.

Rodriguez took umbrage with me for stating in a radio interview on the Doug McIntyre radio program that Prop 47 allows a thief to walk out of a store with a flat screen TV every day of the week with little chance of punishment beyond a notice to appear.  Rodriguez labeling my factual statement to be “fear-mongering.”   He then blamed law enforcement for not arresting repeat thieves and taking them to jail.

Here are some facts for Mr. Rodriguez.  Police officers do not have legal authority to make an arrest for a misdemeanor theft not committed in their presence.  It is not their choice, they are acting on laws passed by our legislature.  If they are somehow able to witness a shoplifting in progress, or if the store security makes a citizen’s arrest, the police have two options.  One option is to make an arrest in the field and issue a notice to appear in court.  The other option is to spend hours booking the suspect into jail, after which the suspect will be released with a notice to appear in court.  There is no room in L.A. County jail to hold people arrested on misdemeanors because the jail is now housing convicted felons under AB 109.  If the suspect is convicted and sentenced to jail, he or she is still unlikely to serve any time.  At present, a person sentenced to 180 days in L.A. County jail will be immediately released.  These are not opinions, these are facts.

Other “highlights” of Rodriguez’s screed include: (1) touting a debunked study claiming crime in California decreased statewide, even though those figures were conjured up by excluding Los Angeles County, home of 1 in 4 Californians; (2) thanking Prop 47 for freeing up jail space, apparently not realizing he has just verified that Prop 47 has made many crimes inconsequential misdemeanors for which no time will be served; and (3) asserting police spend “much of their time arresting drug offenders,” despite the well-documented fact that drug arrests have plummeted in Los Angeles County and across the state since passage of Prop 47.

Opinion writers, are, of course, entitled to hold opinions and to write about those opinions.  We, in law enforcement, do not have that self-indulgent luxury.  As Joe Friday said, “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

As Stan Sniff’s World continues to shrink, he is left relying more and more on people like Sal Rodriguez to carry his water. Sad.

Jan 112018

Remember when we told you about the Sheriff’s control issues and his lack of prioritization of CCW Permits? Remember when we suggested that it was a passive-aggressive back-dooring of Gun Control?

On 10/23/2017, we introduced you to the Sheriff’s passive-aggressive resistance to giving anyone a CCW Permit in a timely manner. Then on 10/30/2017, we followed up with even MORE evidence spread out over several years that the 2 year wait was not an aberration.

When Chad Bianco ran against the Sheriff in 2014, he lit in to him over the passive aggressive resistance to CCW Permits. It appears that the problem has gotten worse, not better.

By most accounts, Riverside County’s CCW backlog began in December 2015, shortly after a mass shooting in the neighboring San Bernardino County killed 14 and injured 22 others. A radicalized Islamic couple, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, attacked a government holiday party with assault rifles and handguns.

Then, the Sheriff did NOTHING to solve the problem. However, he does blame the budget, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, the tooth fairy and every other imaginary goonie for the problem.

Historically, this whole process took no more than two or three months, said Sniff, who has served as sheriff for a decade.

Nowadays, applicants may wait eight times that long just to get the interview.

“Two years is ridiculous,” said Justin Luhrs, 38, of Riverside. “Even six months is too long.”

The article takes pains to paint the Sheriff as pro-gun. Apparently, he is not pro-gun enough to even attempt to address the backlog.

Perkio turned in his application for a concealed weapon license and asked how long the review process would take. A polite sheriff’s deputy showed him several two-foot stacks of unprocessed applications, each one just like his.

They would all have to be reviewed before Perkio’s turn would come, the deputy warned.

The wait would be about 28 months.

“It was a shock,” said Perkio, 56, who is licensed to carry a gun in 26 states, but a year-and-a-half later is still waiting for his application to be processed in Riverside. “If something happens in the meantime, this is a Second Amendment opportunity to protect myself that I simply don’t have.”

Sheriff Sniff did not plan to fail. He failed to plan. The previous articles on this issue show that the CCW Permit process was a problem long before two of Obama’s “Refugees” decided to kill infidels. Sheriff Sniff will get unseated as Sheriff because he has failed to do his job.

When presented with evidence he has failed in his job as Sheriff, his preferred course of action has been to retaliate against anyone suggesting a different course of action and to fight the Riverside County Board of Supervisors at every juncture. (Even the Desert Sun article shows the effects of the Sheriff’s intimidation as they tried to blunt the effect) The Sheriff has had over 10 years to direct the ship and instead the problems are getting worse, the new jail will be empty and good people are retiring or jumping ship to other counties. It is time for a change.

Jan 102018

For those of you just tuning in to this blog, you’ve seen a small snapshot of Sheriff Stan Sniff. He is the Sheriff of a county of 2.4 Million people. Riverside was once a GOP stronghold and now the registration is about even. Stan Sniff for his part has a history of playing both sides with his endorsements and support even though he is nominally a registered Republican.

It was Stan Sniff’s support of Richard Roth that first got my attentionSniff called Richard Roth a “True Champion for Public Safety”, yet Roth supported Prop 47 and Prop 57, get out of jail free cards for habitual career criminals. Under those propositions, you can visit the local markets and steal up to $950 worth of stuff and get an infraction. You can then do it repeatedly as those crimes do not pile up. Roth also supported making transmitting HIV a misdemeanor. Lest you think Stan Sniff’s democrat tendencies are limited to the above, the good sheriff also added another disaster to his endorsement quiver. In 2012, he endorsed leftist democrat Cheryl Brown. Ms. Brown has been like Richard Roth on acid. Brown is so far out there that she has supported legislation so bad that even Governor Moonbeam has vetoed it.

So when I started hearing stories that are legion about the Sheriff and his ham-fisted megalomania against the rank and file I started taking a deeper look. Just today, it has come out that the Sheriff gave a dictate to the Captains that any comments critical of his majesty on social media were to be screen-shotted, reconnoitered and sent straight to the imperial command. I am sure those liking Right On Daily’s blog posts on Facebook are getting re-assigned, passed over for promotion and having their files documented for hangnails. Hopefully, the Sheriff and his sycophant Captains and Lieutenants are printing off copies of these blog posts and reading them repeatedly.

Given that Sheriff Sniff himself experienced retaliation by his predecessor, the tradition is a long standing one in Riverside County. Recently, the local media wrote a limp-wristed story about Chad Bianco being retaliated against for several years by the Sheriff. Two months earlier, we introduced you to the bully sheriff in as well. We will be rolling out more stories beyond the retaliation against Chad Bianco, as the morale within the department is terrible. Even beyond today’s edict dictated to the captains, Sniff’s patterns are set in.

Nothing describes the decimated morale of the rank and file officers and the pattern of retaliation and fear based leadership than the Sheriff taking the extreme ACLU-Backed position on body cameras. The Sheriff chose to throw his men under the bus, and it is the opinion of this blogger that the 2014 campaign against him (by Bianco, backed by a lot of deputies) was the nexus for his decision in 2015 on the body cameras. It is consistent with his pattern.

As a hard-core conservative, I can tolerate honest squishes. I’ve voted for a handful of democrats for local office over the years. I do, however have a serious problem with people who make conservative public statements on key issues whose actions are anything but. Even though the local media parrots the lie that Sheriff Stan Sniff is “pro-gun”, his passive-aggressive record of stuffing CCW permit applications under the guise of budget issues is one of the most outrageous lies he lives daily. Read here about 2+ year waits for honest citizens. In my home county, I could have a CCW in about 90 days if I could hit the broad side of a barn with anything other than an M249 Machine Gun with a 250 round magazine. In case the first link was not enough, here is part 2 of the Stan Sniff CCW disaster where he straight out lied to gun rights groups in 2014 to get them off his tail. It gets worse, it has come to my attention that the Sheriff may well be picking winners and losers in the CCW lottery himself.

Stan Sniff is a dishonest Conservative. Beyond his endorsements of soft-on-crime liberal democrats, Sniff can not even enumerate Republican principles of law and order consistently. Beyond the hyperbole of a campaign, I really can not figure out what the Sheriff’s core principles are. Case and point, his flip-flopping on Prop 47, which was supported by the democrats he endorsed which has had significant societal effects. His position on the Body Cameras, endorsements of society-destroying democrats and his inability to recognize Prop 47’s effect should cause any conservative, moderate or independent serious pause.

The Sheriff has been at odds with the Riverside County Board of Supervisors for years. I’ve already written a ton of stories about the Sheriff refusing to accept the fiscal reality in Riverside County. He instituted a hiring freeze, causing him to waste valuable dollars on overtime. Rather than be flexible in past years, Sniff preferred layoff notices en masse to the rank and file, including leaving 500 Prison Beds vacant.

In 2018, the full effect of his failure to lead are with the citizens of Riverside County. Despite getting an extra $18 Million allocation in 2017, Sniff fought the recommendations of KPMG and ran up a $9 Million deficit. The result? Sniff straight up said he is going to leave the new, $200 Million+ Jail EMPTY.

Empty Jails? Mass Layoffs? Sniff gets a total compensation package of $335k and recently received a 20% pay raise. Now, democrats have reasons to be upset with the Sheriff.

The consequence of Sniff’s management? 6000 inmates to be released early after serving a fraction of their sentence. Crime is way up in 2016, and we are sure 2017 Stats are going to be equally as poorAccording to the sheriff’s department, there were 27 homicides in the first half of this year in its patrol areas, compared to 14 during the same period in 2015 — a 93 percent jump. Looking only at unincorporated communities, the growth rate was an even 100 percent — 10 murders in the first six months of 2016, compared to five in the first half of 2015. — Sheriff’s statistics showed that robberies spiked by 19 percentwhile aggravated assaults grew by 11.4 percent…

We have more articles to come about Sniff’s failures as a Sheriff, more articles about the terrible morale in the Sheriff’s Department, more articles about the intimidation of people fed up with his failure and even a few bonus articles about his private life that may shed more light in to why we need to retire Sheriff Sniff. Stay Tuned.

Jan 082018

The Riverside Press-Enterprise ran a story about the retaliation against Chad Bianco, Stan Sniff’s most viable and best-funded challenger.

Here at Right on Daily, we first alerted you to Stan Sniff’s heavy hand in a post dated November 8th. We are thrilled to see the Press-Enterprise take up the case 2 months later. We’d be thrilled to see them take on the Sheriff’s epic failures of leadership, fiscal mismanagement, spiraling crime rates, CCW Permit auctions and stonewalling and the like… but we will accept small victories as this is the state of the American Media. In November, we wrote:

Here is one recent example – Lt. Chad Bianco who is running against the Sheriff was “Re-Assigned” for most of 2015-2016 to a job in an isolated office and was put in a position where he could not interact with anyone else. This, while the Sheriff was publicly attacking the Riverside County Board of Supervisors over budgeting issues. Perhaps Bianco could have been working on the CCW Backlog?

Sniff’s control issues re-manifest as Bianco has been re-assigned again just recently to a similar dungeon.

There are other things the Sheriff has been doing to retaliate against political adversaries that we will be getting in to soon.

The Riverside Press Enterprise has joined with Right On Daily to highlight Sheriff Stan Sniff, who may be better suited as a Chicago alderman with his personal conduct.

So Bianco went to the scene.

Bianco said he ordered crime scene tape to go up and separated a witness from talking to other people who were there.

Paramedics pronounced the man dead and Bianco said he called for detectives.

Soon afterward, Bianco said his captain called and ordered him to return to the station.

To Bianco, that was baffling.

“Never do we send people away from the homicide scene … especially that early in the process,” he said.

At that point, Bianco said they didn’t know where all the evidence was or whether they had an outstanding suspect.

He believes it was retaliation for his candidacy.

“This is a complete political move,” Bianco said.

In his statement, Sniff implied that Bianco was behaving counter to the mission of the Sheriff’s Department.

“Every employer, public or private, has periodically experienced employees who only want to do what they want to do,” the statement said. …  “Our organization, like any other, needs all employees to do their assigned and required jobs, rather than determining on their own how they might personally desire to spend their work time.”

We’ve detailed how Sheriff Sniff is going to leave the new jail empty, has been paying temp employees $40-$50 an hour, has laid off enormous numbers of employees, featured $104K a year administrative jobs and has been constantly blaming everyone else for his refusal to deal with the fiscal reality in Riverside County. (while hauling in $335K a year in compensation himself)

So Lt. Bianco gets out of his exile because all the officers (what few are left in Hemet, that is) are on calls… and the response is: “Our organization, like any other, needs all employees to do their assigned and required jobs, rather than determining on their own how they might personally desire to spend their work time“. Got it, Chad? Who cares if there is a murder, I told you to respect my authoritah, because I am the Sheriff.

The Sheriff meddled in a murder investigation in order to continue his rampage. Perhaps there are more instances of this as his gross mismanagement is leading to an empty jail and big-league increases in crime in Riverside County.

Several people have come forward to tell their story, and their stories will be told as we continue our expose’ on an out of control failure of a Sheriff.

Jan 042018

That’s right, it is a fraud. A dirty secret about Travis Allen’s Gas Tax initiative is that the statutory deadline to gather signatures expires on 1/8/2018.

ON 12/31 – he sent out an email asking for money. This is dishonest at best. The text of the email follows (The biggest lie is emboldened):

Dear: (sucker)

Just like you, I’m looking forward to 2018 . . . for the most part.

However, there is one thing I am dreading: the increase in vehicle registration fees that kicks in January 1 thanks to the $52 billion gas tax bill the Democrats forced on us.

Thankfully, 2018 is the year we can repeal this obscene tax, but first I need your help finishing out 2017 strong.

Before midnight on New Year’s Eve, we must raise another $10,000 to help us gather hundreds of thousands of signatures and put our repeal on the ballot next year.

In order to save yourself from incurring thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes and fees for the next 10 years, please chip in just $25, $50, or even $100 or more to help us hit our year-end goal.

Remember, we must hit our goal before midnight New Year’s Eve, or else we could be stuck with these taxes and fees for 10 years or more!

Thank you for helping us fight back against the Democrats’ latest tax scheme!

Assemblyman Travis Allen

Why is Travis Allen raising money for something that he knows is going to fail to even get on the ballot? (This reminds me of Karen England ripping off the legitimate Prop 8 Effort many years ago when the Capitol Resource Institute ran a signature initiative) He is asking for $10,000 to help get hundreds of thousands of signatures, which should have people screaming BS by itself aside from the fact that not a single signature has been gathered by Travis or his crew for his initiative… and the clock runs out on 1/8/2018, but SEND YO MONAAAAY!

Why did Travis Allen persist in pushing this initiative when there was another Gas Tax Repeal initiative in circulation? Was he trying to sabotage the effort? The Howard Jarvis Backed Initiative is rocking and rolling, gaining tens of thousands of signatures.

The truth is that all of the money that Travis Allen is raising off of this fake Gas Tax Repeal can be swept in to his governor campaign. While this is legal, it is deceptive and unethical.

Travis Allen’s keyboard commandos will try and dismiss this, similar to Mr. Allen’s Pro-Choice record, horrendous attendance record, record of questionable votes in the legislature, donations to Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown and his tax liens. It is just fitting that a fraudulent campaign is marked by fraudulent fundraising. Travis Allen should have stayed in the Assembly.

Click here to hear a great podcast on this issue. Look up The Chris Daniel Show: Jim Verros and the Observer 17 near the top of the list (as of 1/4/2018).

Dec 302017

I started blogging in 2003. I was in a group that included an Unknown by the name of Katy Grimes, another relatively unknown Craig DeLuz and a young man named Andy Nevis. (who was active in the CR’s until a few years ago) The Rest of the group, known as the Western Alliance of Bloggers scattered.

I remember the days when legislative candidates could get dozens of volunteers in to a headquarters to walk precincts. That was my paradigm. In 2003, blogs were seldom and rare. The bathroom boys of Facebook and Twitter were changing the tape in their glasses in between getting beat up by the jocks in high school.

Years later, Facebook and Twitter changed the dynamics of grassroots. They literally created bloggers like locusts. They literally took people out of the campaign headquarters and back in to their living rooms. I’ve watched it all, and I watched it all play out again in 2017. The state of Grassroots activism in California is a tattered shambles of GOP organizations that are fractured with dwindling memberships and waning influence. Many people believe they can win elections with Facebook posts, I am seeing the insanity repeat itself in the form of a governor campaign almost 100% dependent on Facebook.

I haven’t changed a whole lot since the days when I was nuking Doug Ose, Doug LaMalfa or other RINO squishes on various blogs I wrote for. I still walk precincts, but rarely had company at the front door in 2016 as opposed to 2008 when dozens of people hit the streets for Tom McClintock over Doug Ose.

You can make bank that those in leadership of BOTH parties have seen this. Outside of a core of fringe, marginal operators, few people leave their computer to do anything.

This is what made my combined effort with Joseph Turner to take down Chad Mayes over the Cap and Trade fiasco even more amazing. We caught lightening in a bottle and had several key establishment figures that aligned with us at that point in time. Having influenced the outcomes of campaigns many times with my Blog no one admits to reading, this was familiar territory.

I also remember what I was like 10 years ago. I’ve honestly written about all of the enemies I made with my bombast in years past. I watched it happen again, except this time is has been guilt by association. A lot of people ask me about Mr. Turner. I won’t disavow my friendship with him as it is not my style to discard political allies without cause.

I learned after getting several political bloody noses that you do not attack spouses. In my political life, someone contacted my wife’s boss trying to get her fired to get to me. In the AD73 Race in 2014, a Guy named Art Sanchez wrote a nasty blog attacking my wife because he was enraged over the opposition research file I unloaded on Ana Bryson. My Brother George was accused of felony money laundering by Doug LaMalfa in print on the front page of the Sacramento Bee largely as retaliation over my annihilation of him in his 2012 State Senate victory over Rick Keene.

One time I called a Congressional Candidate’s (Rick Tubbs) wife Tammy Faye Tubbs. I did end up apologizing directly to her (and her husband) because that was uncalled for. Amazingly, after that apology, I was able to connect with some of Tubbs’ supporters who I consider friends today.

I also learned that with the exception of proof of a cover up or a direct link to the candidate/officeholder themselves, you leave out staff. I lit up Steve Davey and Dave Titus as I am 100% aware their ghastly patterns are known to their current / former bosses, the Gaines. (who enabled it and/or were willfully ignorant of it) It became a valid attack because Steve Davey being allowed to quit by the Assembly Rules Committee (which is in and of itself a cover up) before they fired him begs the question of why the allegedly Christian Conservative Ted Gaines put up with his behavior.

However, I’ve never talked about the police records of staff and usually prefer to say “The legislator was having an affair / inappropriate with a member of his staff” rather than launching an expose’ on the staffer by name. When staff get brought in, it creates victims and gives your target sympathy. It also turns some very valid information ineffective. It also creates a lot of enemies.

In this Chad Mayes saga, I have made new enemies. Some I earned by my own actions and some through the actions of my fellow combatants. I am at peace with it, and those among us that want to be bloggers had better make peace with the fact that people you’ve never met will hate you often times for things you did not do. This is similar to being in office, without the office. You had best be loyal to your friends, because when you become radioactive in a political fight, you won’t have many of them.

So you want to attack the establishment? So you want to take out an incumbent? You had best be ready for retaliation. You had best be ready to be marginalized.

When you line up a target, you’d better have an end game. Are you getting paid like I sometimes am? Are you preparing a viable campaign to run for something? Do you have a stake in the election or cause you are trying to affect? Do you have a plan to take that target out? Most of the time I can answer yes to 2 or more of those questions. I will submit that most that are out chucking keyboard bombs can’t honestly answer yes to any of those questions. As such, they create wounded bears and the only loser is them.

Most will say, “I don’t care what THEY think”. They may not admit it, but they do care what people think of them after all. People don’t get involved in politics in a vacuum. As long as this dynamic exists, the conservative resistance to “the establishment” will get rolled repeatedly. People’s opinions and positions matter, ignore them, discount them and they will beat you.

Even in this effort, several self-styled conservative activists called me a RINO, etc. etc. etc. because I was defending people I knew. The insults and accusations because I defended some staffers I am friends with underscore the terrible state of the Grassroots in California. As their numbers shrink, they are lashing out at natural allies and are still being led by charlatans that want to use them.

Let me summarize, we “got” Chad Mayes. For reasons I will lay out in a follow up this post, I will provide analysis of the current sagas surrounding several GOP incumbents and demonstrate that pretty much all of the GOP incumbents will be re-elected. (were the elections held today)

Dec 302017

Just a couple days ago, a new story about an old issue. Sheriff Sniff once again reminds us that he has been incapable of solving problems and is fully capable of blaming others.

When you read the article you will realize that the Sheriff drug his heels on interviewing applicants and training them. Cash-Strapped Riverside County laid out a ton of money to expand the Indio Jail and now it will be sitting partly vacant.

With Violent Crime spiking in Riverside County, what does the Sheriff base his re-election campaign on?

The jail is being counted on to add capacity to the county’s overcrowded five-jail system. To free up space, the county is expected to release almost 6,000 inmates early this year to comply with a federal court order to relieve overcrowding, according to sheriff’s officials. That problem will worsen, Sniff said, when the existing Indio jail is demolished and the new one stays vacant.

6,000 criminals being put back on the ground early is a direct consequence of Stan Sniff refusing to plan or be flexible to deal with the budget problems he knew he had. The County hired a respected national accounting firm to try and free up funds to take care of vital services and the Sheriff is fighting all of their recommendations:

Many of KPMG’s recommendations deal with public safety, which consumes three of every four discretionary dollars, according to the executive office. The firm has said Sniff can become more efficient by changing deputies’ schedules and using non-sworn staff to handle minor, non-emergency calls.

So – the Sheriff does not want to use auxiliary or volunteer deputies to handle minor calls, choosing instead to use the much more expensive sworn deputies on such calls. This compounds the problem with staffing the new jail. It does not stop there (Quoting Supervisor Kevin Jeffries):

Sniff “needs to stay vigilant,” Jeffries said. “But he also needs to look internally and start moving sworn deputies out of administrative desk jobs and back into the field.”

“With our budget projections, he has to meet us halfway. We need the new jail opened and staffed. We need more deputies on patrol,” the supervisor added.

Just like the Board of Supervisors, the sheriff is also at a crossroads. We either all find new ways to cut costs while still providing essential services or we all go bankrupt arguing about whose fault it is.”

It is clear that Sheriff Stan Sniff has a serious credibility issue as people normally friendly to him are calling him out. AS you have learned by reading the expose’ on this blog about the Sheriff, he has refused to demonstrate leadership, flexibility or vision. The consequences are 6,000 inmates being released while the brand new jail sits empty. This, alone would be enough of a case to fire Sheriff Sniff.