May 122017

I had a very hard time coming over to Donald Trump.

The biggest issue I had were his early supporters, many of whom I saw as fringe wackos, malcontents and otherwise people out of the mainstream. There were exceptions as some long time political allies (and friends) of mine were with Trump from the start.

However, Ann Coulter, Paul Joseph Watson and others whose existence is in an esoteric part of the universe they call their own were the early sirens of Make America Great Again. Mike Cernovich, Milo and others were people I’d never heard of before until the national media started focusing on them to marginalize Donald Trump. Now they are all re-marginalizing themselves a mere 3.5 months after Trump was sworn in.

In the campaign of 2016, one by one these folks were being proven right for supporting Trump and true about their conspiracy theories as a result of events, the behavior of John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and others on the campaign trail, the revelations of Wikileaks that provided a window in to the inner workings of the Dems, Obama’s temper tantrum in his waning days in office just to muck things up and of course the Russia did it gas-lighting operation created by President Obama weaponizing the intelligence services and using them against Trump and his team.

I’ve written ad naseum about the fake news and the rigged polls being done by the national media establishment. I knew Trump was going to win as I was eviscerating polling samples daily.

Donald Trump knew what to do in order to take center stage. He became a voice for everyone’s anger (even many that voted for Hillary Clinton, by the way) and parlayed that in to successful run for President. People focused on Trump’s bombast while ignoring what was happening strategically.

Trump was outspent 2-1. 90+% of all media about him was negative. Trump beat 16 GOP Contenders. Some in the GOP establishment recruited a Judas Goat, Evan McMuffin to try and steal Utah, Wyoming and Idaho from Trump. Even today, humiliated candidate John Kasich is trying to raise money in the waning days of his governorship so he can run against Trump in 2020, while sending endless emails criticizing Trump at every chance.

The critics that irritate me the most are not the National Media (who I call whores for the left), the #Triggered Democrats who are committing ritual suicide hellbent to “get trump”, and not even the Jeb Bush / John Kasich isolated fringe of the establishment. The critics that irritate me the most are the “Chicken Little” Malcontents that were key early supporters of Trump who have been screeching every time trump deviates slightly from the path they think he should take in order to govern.

I’ve coined a term for them – wrist slashers.

They cut their wrists in a virtual form of political suicide without pausing to wait for the other shoe to drop. I’ve become a complete Donald Trump sycophant not because I agree with everything he does, but because he is willful, deliberate and is one of the most effective leaders I’ve ever seen.

I’ve written ad-naseum about what Trump has accomplished in such a short time in office, but I want to focus on a few items directly for the benefit of the wrist-slashers (as this is the proof of Trump’s amazing effectiveness):

  1. Trump shot 59 Tomahawk Missiles at Syria because of a chemical weapon attack on a hospital. The screeching wrist-slashers claimed Ivanka Trump talked her dad in to doing it, others like Coulter and Watson went in to a meltdown claiming Trump had been sucked in by the NWO Globalists. The Media and Democrats were in a state of confusion offering grudging praise. The Result? Iran, Turkey and Russia are now setting up safe zones in Syria. Refugee Crisis Solved. Assad Problem Solved. Screeching anti war sirens silenced as the same 1,000 Americans there before are still there now, no more, no less.
  2. Trump sent a fleet to North Korea and Anti Missile defense systems to South Korea in response to the little fatso trying to launch ballistic missiles. The American Media responded by gleefully reporting that the fleet was somewhere else as their desire to “Get Trump” caused them to undermine Trump’s strategy. Despite the best attempts of the media and the screeching sirens who were once again cutting their wrists in a paranoid World War III fantasy, there is no war and the Chinese and Russians now look poised to take out the trash in North Korea. Despite the withering criticism, the Chinese started negotiating with the US immediately due to Donald Trump’s very real leadership and putting everything on the table, including trade.
  3. The hard right freaked out over the spending bill. They claimed that: A) it funded planned parenthood, B) it did not fund the wall and C) it lacked the spending cuts of the proposed budget. They would have rather had a government “shutdown” now at a time when it would not play out well. The reality? There is a $1.5 Billion down payment on the wall and this “spending bill” is the first time in 50 years that the federal government has not increased overall spending in any bill.
  4. The AHCA. You’d swear that the RINO’s won everything. It was a $1 Trillion Tax Cut and it de-funded Planned Parenthood to the tune of 86%.

When the facts are aggregated, the flaky, malcontented (as in never satisfied) fringe early Trump supporters are showing their real colors. They don’t know how to govern. They don’t understand governance and are unable to digest facts, patterns of strategy.

You’d think that SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch would be enough? Betsy DeVos gutting Common Core? Illegal Immigration down 60+%, deportations up 35%? Real support for law enforcement? Real investigations and accountability at the VA? Going after Presidential Land Grabs? Pipelines? 15000 more Ice Agents? Overturning industry destroying regulations by the dozen?

Donald Trump continues to lead. The question to the wrist-slashers is this: If you keep cutting your wrists (figuratively) every time something goes wrong in your mind, will anyone pay attention to you and will you be able to make any difference when the left finally regroups?

Mar 212016

Political Season is here. The OC version is much more boring and contrived than the North State version. I do my best to try to liven things up, but I have to admit that many in the OC political universe are just not as entertaining and colorful as they are in my neck of the woods.

All that said, it appears that the AD68 race is all but done. DUI Debbie got the CRA endorsement. It makes perfect sense when you think of it as ethics are out the window in that organization, so why not… you know she IS the conservative (who drinks liberally).

I think I like Harry Sidhu, in fact – I am endorsing Harry Sidhu for AD68. The guy has a bunch of businesses and is a social conservative. His offense? As near as I can tell, he likes to move a lot. In a county of 4 million people you could hit 3 districts in a mile. In my county of 330,000, moving to run for something actually is a big deal as you could end up 3 counties away.

Between Choi, DUI Debbie and Sidhu? Are you kidding me? Sidhu is the adult in the room, and he would be in most all of the candidate scenarios I heard about (but, I’d have had a hard time picking between Sidhu and Scott Voigts)

Deborah Pauly obviously thinks she can win because of her Political Tourette’s Syndrome in the past and continuing pattern of bizarre personal behavior. I hate to tell her that she is not Donald Trump.

I also heard that the same group that endorsed the telephone pole wrapping assembly candidate decided to slap a couple of congress-members. They endorsed Greg Raths over Mimi Walters and snubbed Darrell Issa. If that group was not permanently chartered, I’d bet the OC Central Committee would do something bad to them for not bowing to incumbents.

My opinion of Raths has changed over the past two years as I have learned that some of the hyperbole surrounding him was untrue and his unreal vote total in Mission Viejo’s Council Election was something else. He has to have something going for him…

Mimi Walters has gotten some pretty low scores from Conservative Groups, this is also giving me pause. Again, I am like a broken record – not all incumbents deserve fealty. Has Mimi Walters earned a primary challenge? She is only in her first term, and her record as a state legislator was solid. I can’t answer that yet.

What I can say is that in this “Donald Trump” election cycle – someone running to make Orange County Great Again is going to get traction. (Unlike Pauly who lost traction in to a telephone pole)

The old way of doing things where you destroy people for rising up against bad officeholders, the inertia of incumbency, defending the status quo at all costs and meeting out revenge on third parties over the actions of political operatives to try to enforce false order have finally worn thin on the electorate. The old way of ham-fisted political bosses who run cover for narcissistic compromise artists or ideological frauds is over.

Incumbents everywhere should be afraid for their political future – especially those that do nothing for their district. As near I can tell, Mimi Walters is connected to hear district and is connected to supporting other Republicans versus John Moorlach who rewarded leadership for defending him with a big giant fundraising goose-egg. (oh, and he told them to expect more of the same)

Which leads me to Wagner for Mayor. He has a whole lot of that money that does not matter, and since he has been relieved of any responsibility to distribute any of it, (remember, how we were  told that raising money for other Republicans did not matter?) it has to go somewhere…

Sources tell me that Jeff Lalloway and his crew are in a meltdown.

Jeff Lalloway is reputedly threatening to shut down the proposed veterans cemetery in Irvine because he literally is so enraged that he wants to keep Christina Shea from looking good. I have heard of Lalloway holding up contentious votes (when he is the 3rd good vote) in Irvine just because he can. Bloggers have written about this ad naseum.

It seems that Lalloway’s ego is out of control.

I guess the idea of people on the Orange County GOP Central Committee (or OC GOP establishment) seeking revenge on the innocent because they are mad at someone else is not a new concept?

Don Wagner is very well positioned to torch Lalloway. There are no sissified “party unity” excuses here. No institutional “You gotta support the incumbent at all costs” excuses here. This is a straight up open seat election with no side excuses people can hide behind to avoid doing the right thing – if Wagner runs for Irvine Mayor.

Why do I think Wagner runs for Irvine Mayor? Before he dropped out of the SD37 challenge he’d called people and/or had conversations to that effect.

Even though Don Wagner did not file for SD37, a lot of people are still feeling a loss of control. When the self-righteous, or self-important feel a loss of control, that means we the people are winning.

Mar 112016

Remember my criticism of Moorlach shopping for offices to run for? Governor, Congress and now Senate?

The OC Register blew him up for going to Washington DC and availing himself of the opportunity to solicit support for his run for Congress. (which was after his “run” for Governor and before his current run for State Senate)

Moorlach also has found himself the target of mud-flicking.

Earlier this month, Moorlach was in Washington on the taxpayers’ dime to lobby for a bipartisan pension-reform bill. Thanks to a tip from Walters’ consultant, Dave Gilliard, I learned that he met with the Club for Growth and Americans for Tax Reform to seek their support for his House bid while he was there. That rubbed Gilliard, Maciariello and Raths the wrong way.

“I don’t have the luxury of having the county pay for me to go to Washington so I can meet with campaign-related people,” Raths said.

In the Past – Moorlach was sued by the California Club for Growth Newsletter, the Non-Partisan Candidate Evaluation Council and the National Guard Association of California. They all had to sue Moorlach to get him to pay his bills to them for their slate mail cards.

The Moral of Today’s Post – John Moorlach pulls the same crap many other ethically-challenged candidates pull.

This is of course why Moorlach would rather you pay attention to the bright shiny Pringle over there or the independent expenditures over here – rather than focusing on his own blatant hypocricy that will cost him his next paycheck on our dime. #facepalm

Mar 102016

The OC Weekly had a fascinating article about some political machinations in the 2014 election. Let me write it in crayon, this post is not about Jeff Lalloway, who benefited from the Independent Expenditure. This is about #epicfails of Orange County GOP Leadership.

Lesson 1. Rules in the Orange County Political Elite are selectively enforced:

According to records at the Secretary of State’s office, the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association contributed $5,000 to the California Taxpayer Protection Committee on October 22, 2014, the same day the group reported spending $42,914 on independent expenditures for Lalloway.

Emails obtained by the Weekly also show that Lalloway, an appointed Orange County Fire Authority board member, told Jon Fleischman, a prominent Republican activist who managed the political action committee, that the firefighters had endorsed his candidacy.

Fleischman, who has made no secret of his loathing of public employee unions over the years, then contacted Tony Bedolla, a longtime firefighter’s union boss, for a contribution and supportive quote to be included in election literature.

Scott Baugh, he of the recent self-aggrandizing betrayal of Don Wagner gave the famous edict that is known as the “Baugh Manifesto” – this was thou shalt never, ever take money from or accept the support of Labor Unions. But his errand boy was right there with his hand out for said help. Whoops.

Don Wagner gets help from Unions, Bad. Other candidate (who is on the OC Cent Com) gets help from Unions. Crickets.

Lesson 2. Political Incest.

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister, Thomas N Hudson and AD55 Candidate (and former CRA President) Mike Spence are both publicly affiliated with the California Taxpayer Protection Committee and have been for years. Cozy.

Do you ever wonder why I am projecting a CRA endorsement of Spence in AD55? I am sure, of course there will be a nice “un-coordinated” independent expenditure as well. I wonder if Mr. Anti-Union Flash will run it.

Further quoting Moxley:

Fleischman did not respond to questions for this story.

Lesson 3. Money Only Matters When They Get Some of It.

(Fleischman’s PAC also made 2014 expenditures for Republican candidates Matt Harper in Huntington Beach ($5,179) and Scott Peotter in Newport Beach ($3,000), according to campaign finance records.)

Scott Baugh minimized the role of Don Wagner’s hundreds of thousands of dollars raised and given to Republican Candidates at the Orange County GOP meeting where they rammed down an endorsement of the unpopular and troubled Big Government John Moorlach. I have been looking for answers beyond the base self-serving political betrayal angle. Perhaps Mr. Baugh may have felt differently if Don Wagner had cut a check to the fraudulent shell group known as the California Taxpayer Protection Committee? (it should be called the California Taxpayer Protection Racket, but I digress)

Lesson 4. It is still about defending and protecting failure.

Never, ever support a challenger, ever lest we set a precedent for someone to challenge us. This is base human nature and a cold hard fact. This is also a symptom of moral bankruptcy when the same group supported a liberal Democrat who conveniently re-registered as a Republican in order to run for OC Sheriff. She is hostile at best to gun owners. Get this – John Moorlach even defended Mike Corona whose replacement these people thought they could control the selection of:

At it’s enactment, many of the GOP faithful praised the move, while others saw it as a hamfisted way to harm a single, 2010 candidate, Bill Hunt, a veteran deputy seeking to replace Baugh-backed Mike Carona, who was convicted of corruption and sent to federal prison for more than six years, as sheriff.

Hunt is a Republican–a very conservative one, in fact–but he is also fiercely independent, a trait party bosses abhor. The Baugh Manifesto went into effect while Hunt, a veteran sheriff’s deputy and former chief of police in San Clemente, was favored by the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs, whose coffers have influenced elections for decades in the county. Sandra Hutchens, a Los Angeles Democrat turned OC Republican, won that election and remains in office.

A gun-grabbing Orange County Sheriff was the beneficiary of the famous OC Central Committee rule about Labor Union Money. Ouch.

Mar 082016

Again – many things in John Moorlach’s Record Suggest that he is squishy on a variety of issues, or perhaps he spends too much time thinking.

5/18/98 – John Moorlach publicly spoke out against a proposed Bill from Tom McClintock (then of Garden Grove) to abolish the Car Tax.

According to California Public Finance in an article entitled, Opponents Trade Jabs on Car Tax Bill… Moorlach publicly opined on the effects to the County Budget of Replacing or Repealing the Car Tax. When Coupled with his previous comments about the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax… there is a pattern here folks.

Moorlach’s comments were about the negative impacts on county revenue that would occur from repealing this unpopular tax.

The pattern of John Moorlach’s sometimes bizarre public statements continues in 2010 when he just got hammered by Scott Moxley and the OC Weekly for defending convicted felon Mike Corona.

Mike Corona is the disgraced former Sheriff of Orange County who got convicted of Corruption. We even heard about this case in spades even in my neck of the woods.

Lastly – Republican, turned Libertarian Steven Greenhut Unloaded on John Moorlach in 2009.

Moorlach appeared to flip on the Death Penalty – letting his Chief of Staff at the time (who is a liberal) go on a rampage:

“Given Mr. Mainero’s self-proclaimed opposition to the death penalty and your previous admonishment on his injecting it into budget discussions, I considered it inappropriate that this matter was brought forward at this meeting under the guise of a budget issue,” Rackauckas wrote. “In my view, it was not and is not proper that your office attempted to influence the constitutional duties of an elected official in order to obstruct the will of the voters as reflected by California’s very clear laws calling for the death penalty in appropriate circumstances under the cloak of a budget discussion.”

Moorlach Appeared to Squish on the Gun Issue:

Even after Hutchens filled a Board of Supervisors meeting with more than two dozen deputies, including SWAT officers, who questioned and searched peaceful members of a gun-rights group who showed up to speak out against the sheriff’s new policies, Moorlach publicly stood by the sheriff. He stood by her after it was revealed that her deputies used the security cameras to zoom in on the notes and BlackBerry screens of fellow supervisors. He stood by her even after a public records request revealed that sheriff’s officials mocked the people who came to address the board. Moorlach and Mainero told me they agree with my concerns and raised them privately to the sheriff and her command staff, yet the public isn’t privy to such things.

Ironically, Rackauckas and Hutchens both endorsed Don Wagner (over John Moorlach originally) who is A rated by all gun rights groups and is unabashedly a social conservative.

Greenhut did not stop there – he continued to unload on Moorlach, blowing him to bits over his support of an absurd and heavy handed campaign finance scheme that I wrote about Previously:

Furthermore, Moorlach and Mainero supported efforts by self-described O.C. campaign-finance watchdog and political activist Shirley Grindle to create a permanent county bureaucracy to monitor campaign violations. It failed, but this put the Moorlach office further at odds with Chris Norby, the libertarian-oriented Republican supervisor who has long taken a principled stand against more government meddling with political speech and financing.

I had previously imagined that Moorlach and Norby would be natural allies, given their political perspectives, and that the key would be peeling away a third vote from among the other supervisors. But as Moorlach has moved in his current direction, the two offices have been at constant odds. In particular, Moorlach and Mainero have resented Norby’s well-known bluntness (Moorlach accuses Norby of being a demagogue).

In activist land – we call this getting vested in your office. I am living with this in my own backyard with a slew of partisan officeholders that have either gone native like Moorlach or they vote no on everything and do nothing for their district, leaving local government undefended to fend for themselves.

Mar 032016

Remember the BS about its’ not a tax, its’ a fee?

Not the waffling on a massive sales tax increase, 180 votes to jack the property tax lumber, proposing taxing illegal aliens, calling a restaurant tax increase a fee, attacking term limits, lighting up free speech… all of that is annoying, but taxing Fido? Is there nothing sacred anymore?

Now the family pet has been placed on the tax altar by Big Government John.

If you can justify hammering restaurant owners in the name of service – why not by lighting up fido for another $3?

Increases in various pet licensing fees are expected to generate the bulk of the needed money, the staff report said, bringing in an extra $635,000, or 8.6%, more than would be generated by the old fees.

Big Government John Moorlach came for your dog.

Once again, that “complete squish” Todd Spitzer voted no. It is making me wonder what is wrong with the CRA Scorecard system and what is wrong with the Orange County GOP.

What the heck – let’s throw in a bonus.

John Moorlach also Supported a $3 inmate fee to see a nurse. I suppose we could call that a dirtbag tax.

I still haven’t figured out what to call the proposed $250 per illegal immigrant tax Moorlach proposed.

Don Wagner. Maybe the OC Register doesn’t like him, but the NFIB, the National Small Business Association and a laundry list of taxpayer groups chose him over Big Government John Moorlach in 2015. Maybe those groups were harboring a resentment over the cost of a Dog License? Who Knows?

But – now if you ask groups like the OC GOP we have to endorse the incumbents, like abuse victims who can’t break free from the cycle.

Mar 022016

I am sure in the next few days, John Moorlach will be beating his chest about his short-sighted vote against MCO Financing Reform. No major group called this a tax increase, in fact, quite a difference. Once again, John Moorlach got it wrong.



“… [T]here is no concrete evidence that any costs that may result from the MCO will be passed onto ratepayers.”

                – David Wolfe, Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association – February 18, 2016 Memo


“What we understand at this point is that the proposal has been crafted so as not to impact ordinary folks.”

– Jon Coupal, Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association – February 15, 2016 Blog Post

“[the proposed MCO deal would] preserve critical funding for the state’s Medi-Cal program without undermining the affordability of commercial health care purchased by employers, families, and individuals.”

                – California Chamber of Commerce – February 12, 2016 Letter

“Failure to adopt an MCO tax could undercut both HJTA and Republican positions on later tax battles likely to occur in 2016 including the highly charged issue of transportation funding and gas taxes…”

                – David Wolfe, Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association – February 18, 2016 Memo

“[L]egislators and Brown should make this deal, allowing developmental services to take one big step back from the brink of collapse.”

                – Los Angeles News Group – February 19, 2016 Editorial

“The taxpayers in this instance make out like bandits. … This is a tax hike in name only.”

                – George Skelton – February 22, 2016 Column

“This legislative package is critically important. The parts that help create doctors, provide care for the developmentally disabled and ease burdens on rural hospitals reflect priorities every one of our elected leaders should share.”

                – Fresno and Modesto Bee – February 27, 2016 Editorial

“The bill includes two tax relief provisions. These relief provisions, coupled with other safeguards, protect the affordability of health coverage while allowing the state to draw down considerable federal funding.”

                – Nick Louizos, California Association of Health Plans – February 10, 2016 Testimony

“It’s unfortunate that vulnerable people become the subject of horse-trading, but that’s the way of the Capitol.”

                – Sacramento Bee – February 22, 2016 Editorial

“[T]hese proposals reduce other industry taxes by an equal or greater amount, leaving no rationale for health plans to raise rates due to this legislation.”

                – National Federation of Independent Business – February 16, 2016 Letter

“However, it is more likely [Governor Brown] will cut programs drastically, including those priorities important to Republicans.  This would likely include funding for the important developmentally disabled community.  This will only lead to greater pressure on Republicans to increase taxes[.]”

                – David Wolfe, Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association – February 18, 2016 Memo


“This is a fair and balanced proposal that brings important revenue to the Medi-Cal program, won’t negatively impact the purchasers, and have an overall positive impact on the marketplace.”

                – Teresa Stark, Kaiser Permanente – February 10, 2016 Testimony

“This not only benefits Medi-Cal providers and recipients, but ensures additional cost shifting to commercial payers will not occur.”

                – Anthem Blue Cross – February 15, 2016 Letter

“In rural areas, where [distinct part skilled-nursing facilities] often provide essential infrastructure to the overall hospital operation, the loss in revenue attributable to these cuts will undermine the financial viability of the hospital as a whole.”

                – Barbara Glazer, California Hospital Association – February 19, 2016 Letter

[The proposed deal] also offer needed tax relief for employers and individuals purchasing health coverage.”

                – California Association of Health Plans– February 10, 2016 Letter

“This proposal will make a difference to people with disabilities and their families and to those who have dedicated themselves to this system.”

                – The Alliance– February 17, 2016 Letter

“After thoroughly analyzing the latest model and the accompanying legislative language, we are confident the proposal is a balanced approach that will not negatively affect our purchasers, while generating important revenue to support the Medi-Cal program.”

                – Kaiser Permanente– February 9, 2016 Letter

“This proposal stabilizes the [developmental disability] system by providing a funding increase, and lays the groundwork for reform by way of a rate study.”

                – Assoc. of Regional Center Agencies – February 17, 2016 Letter


“We are confident that the proposal represents a balanced approach that we believe will not negatively affect our purchasers[.]”

                – HealthNet– February 8, 2016 Letter

“[The deal preserves] critical funding for the state’s Medi-Cal program without undermining the affordability of commercial health care purchased by employers, families, and individuals.”

                – CA Chamber of Commerce, Bay Area Council, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, North

Orange County Chamber of Commerce, Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce,

Southwest California Legislative Council – February 16, 2016 Letter

“[I]f a solution is not found for reforming the structure of this provider tax, health and human services programs will receive the brunt of the budget cuts that would result, as it is discretionary and developmental services historically receive the majority of those cuts.”

                – Lanterman Coalition – February 2016 Letter

Mar 012016

John Moorlach is a Conservative Icon. At least that is the frail defense offered for his long establishment record that suggests otherwise.

Don Wagner’s 93% CRA Score is meaningless we all know John Moorlach is the conservative here.

Take a breath everyone – read the Orange County Register. Hell, maybe the OC Register doesn’t even read their own paper before they endorse. Then again, the paper called Wagner a liar for characterizing Fees as Taxes in a lame attempt to defend Moorlach when they endorsed him in the special election. I guess the Register forgot about Prop 26…

“This is not the right time to increase fees, given the state of the economy,” Supervisor Todd Spitzer said after the meeting. “I don’t see this jeopardizing health at all. There’s no public outcry from the public to increase fees.”

I am now in a time warp – the complete “RINO Squish” Todd Spitzer (who bravely took out the colossal fraud and reputed womanizer Chuck DeVore in his Sup Race) got this one right. The impure Spitzer, whose lifetime CRA Score was also in the low 90’s during his Assembly tenure was telling the OC Register that the time was not now to tax people to pay for more Restaurant Inspections.

This debate occurred in November. This is not some reference to Moorlach pontificating about taxes 20 years ago, or even in 2007… this is 2014. This is what we call a life pattern of Fee/Tax obsession.

The sole supervisor supporting the fee increase was John Moorlach, whose motion to increase fees and implement the red-yellow-green placards died for lack of a second, with no discussion. He was asked about Spitzer’s comment that public health would not be endangered.

Moorlach did not stop there – when questioned about Spitzer’s assertion that public health would not be endangered:

“I’m conservative and don’t support tax increases,” Moorlach said. “But this is not a tax – this is a fee related to a service. The people who benefit from this should be the ones who pay for it.”

Allow me to ask the obvious – did John Moorlach oppose Prop 26 based on the above logic? Prop 26 codified that fees = taxes and take 2/3 vote to increase as the democrats in the state legislature were jacking up entrance fees, tolls, dmv fees, license costs, etc. to try and circumvent Prop 13.

John Moorlach did indeed vote to jack up Orange County Property Taxes a staggering 500 million dollars.

Now Senator Moorlach supports adding $200 million to the state’s budget to service a bloated state bureaucracy and the issuance of $1.8 Billion in Bonds that will accrue $130 million in interest. I think he flunked CPA school.

John Moorlach once proposed an illegal alien tax.

It seems as if an entire class of people have permanent memory loss about John Moorlach’s establishment pattern of fealty to big government. If this is the status quo, why should anyone want to live in California if this is acceptable from a “Republican”. If it is, then there is no reason to try to stop or minimize the rampage of the democrats.

Don Wagner has never voted to raise your “taxes”. There is a difference folks – Moorlach is dining off of his reputation, but simple investigative work exposes the truth.

Feb 242016

According to Moorlach’s own blog – he had a backpacking trip and a well deserved vacation, etc etc etc

This is proof that John Moorlach was not ready to govern once elected and kind of backed in to the job. Orange County deserves better than an absentee Senator.

He ran for State Senate earlier this year. He should have known that he’d be needed to stand up for us. However, he had other priorities.

Mr. Moorlach even celebrated leaving Joel Anderson behind and on his own. Oh mama, this is getting bizarre quick.

I’d imagine that the anti-vaxxers are going to be wanting to burn Moorlach on the mercury altar over this.

How many other votes has John Moorlach missed? Does he even care?

Feb 222016

Why is it that the only endorsements he has gotten are the ritual endorsements inside of Orange County?

I have written ad-naseum about Scott Baugh’s own self-serving angle for running his part of the drill. But – it goes deeper. Most of the GOP organizations inside Orange County are shrinking and insular, their endorsements are pretty much pre-ordained. These are what Moorlach is left to rely on for support.

The CRA, a group that once wielded power in Orange County used to be Moorlach’s base of support, now it is scandal-ridden and aging.

The OCGOP has presided over a running 20+ year disaster where cities are turning blue and the number of Democrat Districts is increasing.

The handful of legislative endorsements John Moorlach have gotten are only those within Orange County – but where is Janet Nguyen, Pat Bates and Todd Spitzer?

They all served with John Moorlach on the board of supervisors and they all can’t stand him.

Every capitol staffer I have talked to in Sacramento Can’t stand John Moorlach.

As I have researched his record – I see a man who has served himself at the political altar and at the trough of big government and no one near him can stand him.

Perhaps this is why he (Moorlach) lacks the endorsement of a single fellow State Senator?

Not one of his colleagues has endorsed him. The above three OC Political figures appear to have been bludgeoned in to silence by Scott Baugh and the cadre of lemmings at the OC GOP Cent Com Meeting – but none stood up for Moorlach either.

There is a consistent theme John Moorlach is ineffective and he is not even a true conservative.

Steven Greenhut understood this in 2008, when he wrote that John Moorlach isn’t even recognizable as a conservative anymore.

When you add in Tim Clark, his Chief of Staff and Consultant, who is equally as reviled within the building… it gets even worse.

As I continue to write about John Moorlach, continue to ask yourself why those that know him best can’t stand him and then you will understand that those in Orange County either endorsed a position or a reputation.

Positions and Reputations get you a decrease in vote share from 68% to 56%. When you lose your message, you lose your soul and your appeal to voters.

There is a reason why Tim Clark is acting unhinged, he knows how vulnerable John Moorlach is. Like Scott Baugh, I am certain that Tim Clark’s personal nexus has been driving his bizarre actions as well.

The sad irony is that John Moorlach has a massive pension and a fat 401(k) account courtesy of the Orange County Taxpayers and is reputed to hate his job in Sacramento. Is it Tim Clark running for re-election or John Moorlach?

There are a lot of unresolved issues here, but what I am certain of is that there is cancer all over the OCGOP establishment and it has metastasized.